-- Put EVERY case where you want to categorize based on a word or phrase here. If they're not specifically here, they won't be categorized, especially if part of the word(s) is in the exceptions area.
-- Be sure to escape every alpha-numeric character with %
-- Some keywords are not to be used, because they can cover multiple meaning or subcategories. For example, the word Skrull is replaced by Prime Skrull, Eternal Skrull and mainly Deviant Skrulls. Deviant (for Earth-born Deviants) is replaced by Homo descendus, etc.
-- Syntax: ["find this word or phrase in the field"] = {"Category1", "Category2", "Category3" ... }
local valid = {
  ["%[%[centaurian"] = {"Centaurians"},
  ["%[%[dwarf%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[dwarves%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[elf%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[elves%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[giant%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[kree%]%]"] = {"Kree"},
  ["%[%[troll%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[homo sapiens%|human mutant"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[homo sapiens%|human mutate"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[homo sapiens%|mutate"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[homo sapiens%|mutant%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[homo superior%|human%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[inhuman%]%]"] = {"Inhumans (Inhomo supremis)"},
  ["%[%[skrull%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[skrulls%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[skrulls%|%]%]"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["%[%[taurian"] = {"Taurians"},
  ["13s mutants"] = {"13s Mutants"},
  ["aakon"] = {"Aakon"},
  ["achernonian"] = {"Achernonians"},
  ["aesir"] = {"Aesir", "Deities"},
  ["akah ma%'at"] = {"Bird Men of Akah Ma'at"},
  ["alien"] = {"Aliens"},
  ["alien mutant"] = {"Alien Mutants"},
  ["alpha centurian"] = {"Alpha Centaurians"},
  ["alpha primitive"] = {"Alpha Primitives"},
  ["amphogenesis"] = {"Amphogenesis", "Mutates"},
  ["angels %(mono"] = {"Angels (Monotheism)"},
  ["angels %(tenth"] = {"Angels (Tenth Realm)"},
  ["antigenesis"] = {"Antigenesis", "Mutates"},
  [" ape "] = {"Apes"},
  ["ape mutant"] = {"Simian Mutants"},
  ["aqueos"] = {"Aqueos", "Vampires", "Undead"},
  ["arcturan"] = {"Arcturans"},
  ["arcturan mutant"] = {"Arcturan Mutants"},
  ["armechadon"] = {"Deviants of Armechadon"},
  ["asgardian %(earth%-9997%)"] = {"Asgardians (Earth-9997)"},
  ["bacteria"] = {"Bacteria"},
  ["badoon"] = {"Badoon"},
  ["beasts %(earth%-trn243"] = {"Beasts (Mutants)"},
  ["beginagains%, chosen and rejects"] = {"Beginagains/Chosen/Rejects"},
  ["beyonders"] = {"Beyonders"},
  ["bird%-people"] = {"Inhumans (Inhomo supremis)", "Bird-People"},
  ["bright elf"] = {"Light Elves"},
  ["brood"] = {"Brood"},
  ["cat elf"] = {"Cat Elves"},
  ["cat elves"] = {"Cat Elves"},
  ["chameloid"] = {"Chameloids"},
  ["chitauri"] = {"Chitauri"},
  ["clone"] = {"Clones"},
  ["cosmic being"] = {"Cosmic Beings"},
  ["cosmic entity"] = {"Cosmic Beings"},
  ["cosmic ray"] = {"Cosmic Ray Exposure"},
  ["cybernetic"] = {"Cyborgs"},
  ["cyborg"] = {"Cyborgs"},
  ["dark elf"] = {"Dark Elves"},
  ["dark elves"] = {"Dark Elves"},
  ["deathlok%-class unit"] = {"Deathlok-Class Units"},
  ["demon"] = {"Demons"},
  ["deity"] = {"Deities"},
  ["deviant %(artificial eternal%)"] = {"Deviants (Artificial Eternals)", "Mutates"},
  ["deviant mutates %(deviants experiments"] = {"Deviant Mutates (Deviants Experiments)"},
  ["deviant mutates %(monstrous"] = {"Deviant Mutates (Monstrous Deviants)", "Deviants (Homo descendus)"},
  ["deviant skrull"] = {"Deviant Skrulls"},
  ["deviant syndrome"] = {"Mutant Eternals (Deviant Syndrome)"},
  ["deviants %(race"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["devil beast"] = {"Devil Beasts"},
  ["dievas"] = {"Dievas", "Deities"},
  ["dinosaur"] = {"Dinosaurs"},
  ["dire wraith"] = {"Dire Wraiths"},
  ["doombot"] = {"Doombots"},
  ["doppelganger"] = {"Doppelgangers"},
  ["dwarf of nidavellir"] = {"Dwarves of Nidavellir"},
  ["dwarf of weirdworld"] = {"Dwarves of Weirdworld"},
  ["elf of klarn"] = {"Elves of Klarn"},
  ["elf of otherworld"] = {"Elves of Otherworld"},
  ["epsiloni"] = {"Epsiloni"},
  ["eternal %(earth%-30826%)"] = {"Eternals (Aliens)"},
  ["eternal ape"] = {"Eternal Apes"},
  ["eternal of earth"] = {"Eternals of Earth", "Eternals (Homo immortalis)"},
  ["eternal of skrullos"] = {"Eternal Skrulls"},
  ["eternal of unknown species"] = {"Eternals of Unknown Species"},
  ["eternal skrull"] = {"Eternal Skrulls"},
  ["eternals %(race%)"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["exogenesis"] = {"Exogenesis", "Mutates"},
  ["faerie"] = {"Fairies"},
  ["faerie of avalon"] = {"Fairies of Avalon"},
  ["faerie of the nine worlds"] = {"Fairies of the Nine Worlds"},
  ["faeries"] = {"Fairies"},
  ["faeries of avalon"] = {"Fairies of Avalon"},
  ["faeries of the nine worlds"] = {"Fairies of the Nine Worlds"},
  ["fairies"] = {"Fairies"},
  ["fairies of avalon"] = {"Fairies of Avalon"},
  ["fairies of the nine worlds"] = {"Fairies of the Nine Worlds"},
  ["fairy"] = {"Fairies"},
  ["fairy of avalon"] = {"Fairies of Avalon"},
  ["fairy of the nine worlds"] = {"Fairies of the Nine Worlds"},
  ["fallen angel"] = {"Fallen Angels", "Angels (Monotheism)"},
  ["faltin"] = {"Faltine"},
  ["felisian"] = {"Felisians"},
  ["fire demon"] = {"Fire Demons"},
  ["fomalhauti"] = {"Fomalhauti"},
  ["froma"] = {"Froma"},
  ["frost giant"] = {"Frost Giants"},
  ["gamma ray"] = {"Gamma Ray Exposure"},
  ["gann josin"] = {"Gann Josin"},
  ["gegku"] = {"Gegku"},
  ["genoshan mutate"] = {"Genoshan Mutates"},
  ["gestalt"] = {"Gestalt Characters"},
  ["giant of jotunheim"] = {"Giants of Jotunheim"},
  ["giants of jotunheim"] = {"Giants of Jotunheim"},
  ["god"] = {"Deities"},
  ["gorgon"] = {"Gorgons"},
  ["great beast"] = {"Great Beasts", "Demons", "Deities"},
  ["grund"] = {"Grunds"},
  ["hauk%'ka"] = {"Hauk'ka"},
  ["hodinn"] = {"Hodinn"},
  ["hodomurian"] = {"Hodomurians"},
  ["homo descendus"] = {"Deviants (Homo descendus)"},
  ["homo erectus"] = {"Homo erectus"},
  ["homo immortalis"] = {"Eternals (Homo immortalis)"},
  ["homo merman"] = {"Homo mermanus"},
  ["homo mermanus mutants"] = {"Atlantean Mutants"},
  ["homo sapiens"] = {"Humans"},
  ["homo superior"] = {"Mutants (Homo superior)"},
  ["homo supreme"] = {"Homo supreme"},
  ["human%/alien hybrid"] = {"Hybrids", "Human/Alien Hybrids"},
  ["human%/reptile hybrid"] = {"Hybrids", "Human/Reptile Hybrids"},
  ["hybrid"] = {"Hybrids"},
  ["ice elf"] = {"Ice Elves"},
  ["ice elves"] = {"Ice Elves"},
  ["ice giant"] = {"Ice Giants"},
  ["inhumans"] = {"Inhumans (Inhomo supremis)"},
  ["inhumans %(race%)"] = {"Inhumans (Inhomo supremis)"},
  ["inhuman badoon"] = {"Inhuman Badoon"},
  ["inhuman centaurian"] = {"Inhuman Centaurians"},
  ["inhuman kymellian"] = {"Inhuman Kymellians"},
  ["inhomo supremis"] = {"Inhumans (Inhomo supremis)"},
  ["ionic"] = {"Ionic Characters"},
  ["isogenesis"] = {"Isogenesis", "Mutates"},
  ["jath'che"] = {"Jath'Che"},
  ["jotun"] = {"Frost Giants"},
  ["k%'aitian"] = {"K'aitians"},
  ["klangian"] = {"Klangians"},
  [" kree "] = {"Kree"},
  ["kree sentr"] = {"Kree Sentries"},
  ["krakoa"] = {"Krakoas", "Islands"},
  ["krylorian"] = {"Krylorians"},
  ["kt'kn"] = {"Kt'kn"},
  ["korbin"] = {"Korbinites"},
  ["krogarran"] = {"Krogarrans"},
  ["krozzar"] = {"Krozzar"},
  ["kymelli"] = {"Kymellians"},
  ["landlak"] = {"Landlaks"},
  ["landlak mutant"] = {"Landlak Mutants"},
  ["lupak"] = {"Lupak"},
  ["luphomoid"] = {"Luphomoids"},
  ["lem"] = {"Lem"},
  ["leprechaun"] = {"Leprechauns"},
  ["life%-model decoy"] = {"Life-Model Decoys"},
  ["light elf"] = {"Light Elves"},
  ["light elves"] = {"Light Elves"},
  ["lilin"] = {"Lilin"},
  ["magic user"] = {"Magicians"},
  ["magician"] = {"Magicians"},
  ["majesdanian"] = {"Majesdanians"},
  ["mephitisoid"] = {"Mephitisoids"},
  ["metahuman"] = {"Metahumans"},
  ["metamutant"] = {"Metamutants", "Mutants (Homo superior)", "Metahumans"},
  ["mobian"] = {"Mobians"},
  ["moensien"] = {"Moensiens"},
  ["mountain giant"] = {"Mountain Giants"},
  ["mutant brood"] = {"Mutant Brood"},
  ["mutant devil beast"] = {"Mutant Devil Beasts"},
  ["mutant eternal"] = {"Mutant Eternals (Deviant Syndrome)"},
  ["mutant hauk%'ka"] = {"Hauk'ka Mutants"},
  ["mutant kree"] = {"Kree Mutants"},
  ["mutant technarch"] = {"Mutant Technarchs"},
  ["mutant titanian"] = {"Mutant Eternals (Deviant Syndrome)"},
  ["mutate"] = {"Mutates"},
  ["n%'garai"] = {"N'Garai", "Demons"},
  ["neanderthal"] = {"Homo neanderthalensis"},
  ["neo"] = {"Neo", "Mutants (Homo superior)"},
  ["olympian"] = {"Olympians"},
  ["phalanx"] = {"Techno-Organic Virus", "Phalanx"},
  ["plasmagenian"] = {"Plasmagenians"},
  ["pluvian"] = {"Pluvians"},
  ["procyonite"] = {"Procyonites"},
  ["psionic entity"] = {"Psionic Entities"},
  ["psycho%-wraith"] = {"Psycho-Wraiths"},
  ["reptoid"] = {"Reptoids"},
  ["rhunian"] = {"Rhunians"},
  ["rigellian%]%]"] = {"Rigellians"},
  ["rigellians"] = {"Origin Needing Correction"},
  ["rigellian mutant"] = {"Rigellian Mutants", "Rigellians"},
  ["rigellian recorder"] = {"Rigellian Recorders", "Robots"},
  ["rime giant"] = {"Rime Giants"},
  ["robot"] = {"Robots"},
  ["roclite"] = {"Roclites"},
  ["ru%'tai"] = {"Ru'Tai", "N'Garai", "Demons"},
  ["ruul"] = {"Ruul", "Kree"},
  ["sentinel"] = {"Sentinels"},
  ["sark"] = {"Sarks"},
  ["saurid"] = {"Saurids"},
  ["savage elf"] = {"Savage Elves"},
  ["shi'ar"] = {"Shi'ar"},
  ["shi'ar genetic throwback"] = {"Shi'ar Genetic Throwbacks", "Winged Characters"},
  ["siren"] = {"Sirens"},
  ["siris"] = {"Siris"},
  ["smoke elf"] = {"Smoke Elves"},
  ["solon"] = {"Solons"},
  ["stonian"] = {"Stonians"},
  ["strontian"] = {"Strontians"},
  ["skrull deity"] = {"Skrull Gods"},
  ["skrull god"] = {"Skrull Gods"},
  ["skrull mutant"] = {"Skrull Mutants (K-Class Deviants)", "Deviant Skrulls"},
  ["sorcer"] = {"Magicians"},
  ["space beast"] = {"Space Beasts"},
  ["storm giant"] = {"Storm Giants"},
  ["succubus"] = {"Succubus", "Demons"},
  ["super soldier"] = {"Super-Soldiers"},
  ["super%-soldier"] = {"Super-Soldiers"},
  ["taa%-an"] = {"Taa-ans"},
  ["tebbel"] = {"Deviants of Tebbel"},
  ["technarch"] = {"Technarchy", "Techno-Organic Virus"},
  ["terrigen"] = {"Terrigenesis", "Mutates"},
  ["time traveler"] = {"Time Travelers"},
  ["titanian"] = {"Titanians", "Eternals (Homo immortalis)"},
  ["traanian"] = {"Traanians"},
  ["tribbitite"] = {"Tribbitites"},
  ["troll of the nine worlds"] = {"Asgardian Trolls"},
  ["trolls of the nine worlds"] = {"Asgardian Trolls"},
  ["troyjan"] = {"Troyjans"},
  ["undead"] = {"Undead"},
  ["uni%-mind"] = {"Uni-Minds & Over-Minds", "Gestalt Characters"},
  ["unicorn"] = {"Unicorns"},
  ["valkyr"] = {"Valkyries"},
  ["vampire"] = {"Vampires", "Undead"},
  ["vanir"] = {"Vanir"},
  ["vi%-lock "] = {"Vi-Locks", "Techno-Organic Virus", "Metal Body", "Legacy Virus Victims"},
  ["warpie"] = {"Warpies", "Mutates"},
  ["warpsmith"] = {"Warpsmiths"},
  ["wendigo"] = {"Wendigos"},
  ["werewolf"] = {"Werewolves"},
  ["wilameanis"] = {"Wilameanis"},
  ["winged inhuman"] = {"Inhumans (Inhomo supremis)", "Bird-People"},
  [" witch "] = {"Magicians"},
  ["witchbreed"] = {"Mutants (Homo superior)"},
  ["wizard"] = {"Magicians"},
  ["wraith inhuman"] = {"Wraith Inhumans", "Dire Wraiths"},
  ["zehoberi"] = "Zen-Whoberis",
  ["zen whoberi"] = {"Zen-Whoberis"},
  ["zen%-whoberi"] = {"Zen-Whoberis"},
  ["zenn%-lavian"] = {"Zenn-Lavians"},
  ["zn%'rx"] = {"Zn'rx"},
  ["zombie"] = {"Zombies", "Undead"},
-- Put all of the exceptions where you don't want a category, but part of one of the valid words might exist in your field (e.g. don't categorise as Fur if fur is in something else not specified in the valid area)
-- Syntax: ["word_to_look_up"] = {"Examples where the exception is part of another categorization (for documentation, not used in code)" ... }
local exceptions = {
    ["centaurian"] = {"Examples where this is part of another categorization: Alpha Centaurians"},
	["neo"] = {"Neo-Mutants"},
local origins = {
	["valid"] = valid,
	["exceptions"] = exceptions
return origins

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