local Infobox = {}
local HF = require("Module:ComicsHF")
-- Since this should only be evaluated once per pageview, it's now global
_G.vars = { Pagename = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().text }
-- Public functions --
function Infobox.CategoriesFromKeywords( fieldValue, valid, exceptions, vars )
  local output = ""
  -- Field isn't blank
  if fieldValue ~= nil then
    -- Grab a valid pair and use it
    for validKey, validValue in pairs(valid) do
      -- If you find the validKey in the field, look more closely
      if string.find( string.lower(fieldValue), validKey ) ~= nil then
        -- Check if there are exceptions for the validKey
        if type(exceptions[validKey]) ~= "table" then
          -- There are no exceptions, just categorize using this validKey and move to the next validKey
          for valueKey, valueCategoryName in ipairs( validValue ) do
            output = output .. HF.CategoryLink( valueCategoryName, vars.Pagename, "" )
  return output
return Infobox

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